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Digital Teacher Planner

I've been working on a digital planner to use on my iPad and after seeing so many for sale on the internet, for quite a hefty price, I thought I'd try to make a more affordable version. I've designed to make the most of having an iPad to save on paper and prevent myself from having a physical diary which is stuffed full of handouts and documents gathered from meetings and briefings. The fact that you can use an iPad to scan in a document means you can use the functionality of an app like Goodnotes to keep on top of organisation without the need to amass and organise physical copies of documents.

If you'd like to download a sample version, click the box below to try it out. Simply import it into Goodnotes and off you go!

Download PDF • 957KB

If you'd like to buy the full planner, for the price of a coffee, head over to my Etsy shop.

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