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About Me 🧑🏻‍💻

👨🏻‍🏫 I am an Assistant Headteacher working at an all-through school in Leeds, where I also teach Year 6.  I graduated from Durham University with a 1st Class in Primary Education in 2014 and I gained a distinction in my MSc in Learning and Teaching at the University of Oxford in 2020.  I'm currently completing the NPQH with Ambition Institute (which is brilliant!)

📚 I lead on curriculum at school, and I love learning more to develop our curriculum so that it keeps on getting better.  I'm a big believer in a knowledge-rich curriculum and interested in ways that curriculum design and pedagogy can be optimised to be effective for as many learners as possible, regardless of disadvantage or SEND.  I have a big interest in cognitive science and think it's going to have such a profound impact on teaching going forward 🧠.

💻 I have set up this website to 'learn in public' and to blog about some of the things which interest me.  I really love writing and creating content helps me clarify my thinking.  I am also really interested in design and I love creating, so this is a perfect project.  I hope to set up a YouTube channel and a podcast some day soon.

✍🏻 I share what I've learned in blog posts, articles and weekly newsletters.  I am always reading and reflecting, and love to discuss all things curriculum and teaching and learning with others.  I'm also really interested in effective leadership and developing a school culture where both pupils and staff can prosper.

🌍 When I'm not in 'teacher mode', I love spending time with my family as well as travelling, exercising, walking, reading and learning more about the world.  I love learning languages and currently speak 🇫🇷 French (B2), 🇪🇸 Spanish (B1), 🇮🇹 Italian (B1) and 🇩🇪 German (B1).

👨🏻‍💻 I'm a big Apple geek and love finding out about using tech to make me more productive and effective.  

💌 I love helping others: if I can ever be of any help with job applications, or curriculum design, please do get in touch and I'll see what I can do.  The best way to get in touch is to send me a message or send me a DM on Twitter 🐦. If you want to support what I do, a coffee would always be hugely appreciated.

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